Anita Ruso



In parallel with the curatorial concept of the 35th Youth Salon Millennial, there will be shown the curatorial concept Situation, which has appeared all throughout history in several editions of the Youth Salon as its extended platform. Through its rich history, the Youth Salon went through different transformations. On the 13th edition of Salon, in 1981, along with the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, the exhibition of the Youth Salon was set in two more galleries: Karas Gallery and PM Gallery at the Home of HDLU. Until the 25th edition of the Youth Salon only two of them (the 18th and the 19th edition) didn’t have any additional original conceptions which would complete the Salon program as its extended platform. Since 26th until the 35th jubilee exhibition, the Youth Salon (with the exception of 26th Youth Salon held on the Zagreb International Fair) was always entirely presented in the Home of HDLU. This year marks the first time after 1998 that the authorial concept Situation is introduced once again.

This year’s Situation will present the works of around 30 invited artists in the curatorial concept of Anita Ruso, which puts no emphasis on a specific subject. With the approach that doesn’t insist on a subject, it is made possible for the artist to exhibit their works with no obligation to match the exhibition concept of the Youth Salon. Since the works of numerous artists most often don’t correspond with given themes of salons, artists most times don’t even apply. On the other hand, it’s about promising young artist whose work deserves the attention of the central art manifestation for young people in Croatia.

With the aim of enriching the 35th Youth Salon, exhibition Situation will present the most different of techniques, themes and concepts of artist not older than 35. Situation seeks to create a more comprehensive and in-depth representation of state of art production in Croatia, that way adding a new value to the Youth Salon.

Throughout the Situation concept the occurrence of a certain anachronism will be explored, set contrary to the social engagement of contemporary artists. Besides, we need to consider today’s aesthetic role of art and what it “produces” in the inner, spiritual sphere of a man – one which is often set aside when regarding the place of art solely through the prism of social engaging.

The exhibition will be open for visit in Forum Gallery and in Canvas Gallery from November 12 to December 6, 2020.


Anita Ruso (1987) graduated in Art History and French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) of the University of Zagreb in 2011. She obtained her PhD in Art History in 2016 at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (PSL Research University Paris) and the FHSS of the University of Zagreb. She is a recipient of an Erasmus scholarship, a scholarship of the French embassy in Croatia and of the French School in Rome. From 2017 to 2018 she completed her postdoctoral studies at the Department for Art History from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb within the research project of the Croatian Science Foundation. As a curator she usually collaborates with numerous artists of the younger and middle generation in different institutions all over Croatia. She is occupied with art criticism since 2014, since when she regularly writes for art and science magazines such as Vijenac, Kontura and web-portal, on which she was chief editor from 2017 until 2020. She published several scientific papers in national and foreign reviews.